Student Services

Inclusion is a shared school belief about educating all students. Each child is part of the rich diversity of the community. The true essence of inclusion is based on the belief that students with learning differences should be included in naturally occurring settings and activities with their peers. It is a commitment to educate all children to the maximum extent appropriate in the regular classroom setting. We believe that all students can learn and succeed. At MISY we have created a safe and nurturing environment for all students. For the primary students we have the Teaching and Learning Centre where we focus on giving them the opportunity to develop the skills required to access a wider curriculum aiming at preparing them for the future as an independent, contributing member of the society.

  • address No. 24, Sae Myaung Street, 11th Quarter, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar
  • phone +95 (01) 657885, 657886, 657887
    +95 (09) 4040 62277, 4040 62288, 4040 62299